Complete Streets

Complete streets

Complete Streets policies balance people's needs and safety across all forms of transportation, including walking, biking, public transit and cars. From street lighting to bike lanes to crosswalks, these policies ensure that all residents have safe, convenient ways of getting around and staying active-regardless of their age or ability.

Our assessment of complete streets includes information about city laws valid through May 1, 2020.

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The state of complete streets policies in big US cities

out of 40 cities received a medal for complete streets policies, including gold, six silver, and one bronze.


Out of the nation’s 40 largest cities

  • Measuring big cities’ complete streets policies

    How did we award complete streets policy medals?

  • City has a complete streets policy

  • Policy requires compliance

  • Policy accommodates pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and public transit vehicles

  • Policy explicitly accommodates all ages

  • Policy explicitly accommodates all abilities

  • Policy assigns a department to oversee implementation

  • Policy requires development of performance measures

Complete streets medal table